CopenhagenOpen 2023



What we did at CopenhagenOpen 2023.

ReFramed came up with the ultimate test during the local skate competition in Copenhagen. 
Skateboarding has always been about defying boundaries and at ReFramed we celebrate those who push the limits through product, style and attitude. Last month in June we showed up to support and challenge the skateboard community during CopenhagenOpen.
We wanted to take our bed frame out of the context of peoples homes and see it as a raw material that could be appropriated and used by the skaters in a new way.  Our team spent the day across three different locations in the city assembling a bed from each of our collections, collaborating with skaters on the ground to come up with new obstacle courses to warm up.

Through conversations we had with competing skaters we learnt how important sleep was in their day to day routine as athletes preparing for a competition. They were surprised to learn that what we were mounting in their playground was in fact a bed frame and not a grinding rail. They noticed how quick it took to assemble and take apart, which led us to exchange ideas on how to set up the best angle and arrangement for them to jump over or grind on.

Get a glimpse of the CopenhagenOpen week and learn how we showed up. Discover all the videos from the different locations on our Instagram profile.