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In My Room with Paulina

We wrap our Berlin series with Paulina also known more famously as DJ Gigola in the electronic music scene around the world. We sat down at the end of 2022 to reflect on her upbringi...

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In My Room with Marvin

We sat down with Berlin resident Marvin, an all-round creative, consultant and brand owner who during our conversation shared his story from his beautifully furnished apartment which...

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In My Room with Nate

In our final instalment of our London ‘In My Room’ series we speak with ReFramed customer Nate who founded playnice.london in 2019 with the aim of building spaces and systems that pr...

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In My Room with Nick

After a career in advertising and as an architect, Nick founded ‘clothes for the future’ company Vollebak with his twin brother. Nick tells ReFramed about the importance of building ...

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In My Room with Nasim

Raised by Iranian refugee parents in Australia and now living in London, Nasim is the Head of Design at The Office Group and tells us of her mission to create spaces that “allow peop...

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In My Room with Dia

Born in Sweden and now living in Copenhagen, Dia shares how losing her job under the pandemic inspired her to follow her acting dreams and create Aeris with her partner Nik. And even...

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In My Room with Els

Els is the Head of Design at &Tradition. A true working nomad if there ever was one - Els details her experience within design from building lego towers to her leading position n...

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In My Room with Ollie

Ollie is Doctor. A doctor who wants to make a change - He details his experience within the healthcare sector from being a fly-on-the-wall in the operation theater at the clinic of h...

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ReFramed Presents: Diamantino

ReFramed Presents looks to re-centre the lives of the very factory workers who create ReFramed beds by shining a light on their stories and the visual, sonic and haptic aspects of th...

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