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  • Deep Red Side Table
  • Deep Red Side Table
  • Deep Red Side Table
  • Deep Red Side Table

Deep Red Side Table

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Designed to seamlessly complement the ReFramed bed frame, our Swedish-made bedside tables feature two 3mm folded aluminum sheets, expertly glued together. Arriving fully assembled, they slide effortlessly onto the frame.

Product details:

- Fully assembled
- Delivered straight to your door with GLS
- Easy fit to the bed frame
- Material: 100% aluminum
- Made in Sweden

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Expected delivery time: One week

Made of 100% recyclable sheet aluminium

Boxed in FSC certified cardboard

Crafted by CEPA in Höör, Sweden, our side tables are the work of sheet metal experts. The factory is ISO 9001 certified, ensuring quality and reliability.

Ready to use: the side table arrives fully assembled and effortlessly slides onto the frame.

While we're still calculating the exact CO2 impact of our side table, its local Swedish production and 100% aluminum composition point to a minimal environmental footprint.

Top surface: 28cm x 30cm

Bottom Surface: 17,5cm x 26cm

Measurement from floor to top surface: 44cm

Measurement from floor to bottom surface: 24,5cm

Delivered flat-packed, assembled in minutes and yours for a lifetime.

Made from 82% Post-consumer recycled aluminum


"ReFramed is becoming the place to go for bedroom furniture"