our story

Born in Copenhagen, ReFramed is on a mission to redefine the role of quality design in homes. By adopting an inclusive, online, in-stock, and flat-packed approach, we've revolutionized the traditional design business model. Our journey began in 2021 with a bed frame system, designed by London's Tim Rundle and initially manufactured in Portugal. Since then, we've relocated our supply chain to Denmark, teaming up with Norsk Hydro—the industry leader in sustainable aluminum extrusions.

Founders note

ReFramed is a design furniture company that exists to promote good design to real people as we believe that good design has the power to positively impact people's lives. 

We’ve seen a gap between what consumers want, and what the designer furniture market offers. 

The furniture world is saturated with design brands that have no real connection with the real world. The design has become for the few, it’s too exclusive and inaccessible, and products by the sharpest designers of our generation are stuck with brands that are disconnected from the real “world”. 

Designer brands historically follow the same playbook. We want to challenge this playbook. We want to make great design truly accessible to a wider audience as we believe design deserves to play a bigger role in people’s lives. We do this, we believe, by being direct-to-consumer, inclusive, in-stock, and transparent. We do this by telling meaningful stories about our community and by bringing products to this world that actually solve a problem unlike the new normal which is to make products that look like something else “out there” and that another brand seems to be making money off. 

We believe that sustainability is a prerequisite for existing as a newly launched brand, and we’ve already done our very best to challenge the norms of sustainability in furniture on so many levels, but it is truly the passion for design that drives us.

2 years later we have served more than 400 customers across 19 different European countries while remaining almost entirely self-funded. We’re so thankful for every single one of you who has purchased from us, consider buying from us, followed us, or told your friends about us.