Launching: Headboard system

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new product, marking ReFramed's evolution from a single-product brand to a design furniture brand focused on the bedroom.

Introducing the Headboard System by Matteo Fogale. Upholstered in textiles by Kvadrat Raf Simons and Sahco, this headboard offers exceptional comfort and mounts effortlessly to the extruded aluminum profile.

Naturally, shipped flat-packed as you would expect.

The foundation

Inspired by feedback from our ReFramed community, we recognized the need for a flexible headboard that adheres to our core principles of bold design, functionality, durability, and easy assembly.

Our Headboard System, designed by Italian-Uruguayan Matteo Fogale, features an upholstered headboard mounted on a naturally anodized aluminum profile. This design represents an ideal starting point for enhancing your bedroom. The aluminum rail is extruded to accommodate future use cases, allowing for further product development.

Available in Kvadrat Raf Simons textiles, the headboard’s upholstery can be removed for dry cleaning and easily re-fitted.

Made in Sweden from locally sourced aluminum, warehoused in Denmark, and shipped flat-packed, our design minimizes CO2 consumption while ensuring an almost infinite product lifecycle.

We sat down with Matteo Fogale, the designer behind new Headboard System, to talk to him about the launch of the product.

RF: Why does the world need this system?

MF: I love spending extra time in bed, whether checking emails in the morning, working late at night, reading, or watching TV. I noticed there weren’t any truly comfortable, universal headboard options that could adapt to any bed and offer the same comfort as a sofa or ergonomic chair while still looking good. Our bedroom is an intimate space where we prioritise our own comfort, both mentally and physically. I wanted a product that could improve life around the bed, offering correct posture support, but also expand into other areas like good adjustable lighting, and storage for accessories and tech so this led to the conception of a versatile rail system that can adapt and extend based on the users needs.

RF: What is your inspiration behind the product?

MF: I took inspiration form the Shaker furniture, a distinctive style of furniture developed by the Shakers that had guiding principles of simplicity, utility and honesty. Their beliefs were reflected in the well-made furniture of minimalist designs. The peg rail was the Shakers’ simple but ingenious way of keeping households well organised. Made of a length of wood these rails were used to hang everything, from clothing to brooms to chairs, in order to keep floors clear with order and harmony.

RF: What are you most proud of with the system?

MF: The comfort that this will provide and not only when leaning back on the soft, inclined backrest but also once we add all the accessories to make our surrounding items accessible and positioned just at the right spot where we need them.
I’m looking forward to see the system evolve, it has the potential to become a new typology of furniture we cannot live without.

RF: What are the other use-cases you see fit for the system in the future?

MF: I think the system can adapt to any room in our house, from an entry hall (think coats, lighting, umbrellas, keys) to living room (candles, books, even backrests for a bench?). I think the rail system is very versatile and allows the user to get creative with its use. I’d love to see how people will use it and expect to see the most creative solutions. What would you hang?

Do I need to own a ReFramed bed?

No, this product is wall-mounted and therefore can be fitted to any bedroom.

How easy is it to set up?

Only 4 screws are required to fit the headboard. And our assembly jig will make the experience easy.

Will it suit my bed size?

The headboard system is designed to fit all bed sizes from 140 to 180 widths.

Is there any guarantee?

There’s a two year guarantee on the product.

What is the material?

The product is mainly made of extruded aluminium.

Where is it made?

The aluminium is milled and made in Sweden, and the upholstery work is done in Poland.