Made in denmark

Our bed frames are produced by industry leader Norsk Hydro, whose clientele includes Rolls Royce and HAY in Denmark. First extruded in Vetlanda, Sweden, the frames are made of Hydro Circal aluminum—comprising 82% post-consumer recycled material. Your bed isn't merely production scrap; it's repurposed from old car parts and other aluminum items recycled at Hydro's Norwegian facility.

Post-extrusion, the components are sent to our Hydro facility in Thisted, Denmark. There, they're machined, powder-coated, and packaged before moving to our warehouse for shipment

The ReFramed bed frame is made locally in Denmark by 82% post-consumer recycled aluminum and shipped flat-packed to keep CO2 emission low.

The power of aluminum

Choosing aluminum for our bed frame isn't just about aesthetics—it's about delivering superior quality and functionality. Its lightweight yet durable nature ensures high-quality construction while enabling parcel shipping, bringing the bed right to your doorstep. 

Aluminum's 100% recyclability ensures that most of it stays in circulation. Offering a frame with 82% post-consumer recycled aluminum is a meaningful advantage in both quality and responsible sourcing.